Health Disparities in NYC

Source: Dayle Hodge, MD/PhD Candidate at Einstein Featured Image: Courtesy of the Drug Policy Alliance Childhood Asthma Related to proximity to Cross Bronx Expressway Source: NYC Air Data Survey »

Global Health Data Resources

Source: Emilie Bruzelius Paradigm Open data and open science. Interest Find the data Meet with professors Analyze Data Studies Demographic and Health Survey - DHS USAID sponsor (US Gov't) 85 »

February 2017 Reading Notes

Journal Club Spitzer, W. O.; Lewis, M. A.; Heinemann, L. A. J. & Thorogood, M. Third generation oral contraceptives and risk of venous thromboembolic disorders: an international case-control study BMJ, »

January 2017 Reading Notes

Each month, I come across papers expressing ideas that are new, complex, and difficult to digest in one sitting. Nevertheless, I try, and here are the fruits of my efforts. »

October Reading Notes

In October, I read review papers and research articles about ergot alkaloids, prostaglandin receptors, hormonal contraception for men, gonadal cell biology, calling and treating hypothyroidism, and an opinion article advocating »