Health Disparities in NYC

Source: Dayle Hodge, MD/PhD Candidate at Einstein
Featured Image: Courtesy of the Drug Policy Alliance

Childhood Asthma

  • Related to proximity to Cross Bronx Expressway
  • Source: NYC Air Data Survey 2012


  • Emissions standards


  • A top 10 cause of death in black community


  • Life expectancy plateau in 80s and 90s for black men and women

1986 - Crack Epidemic

  • 110% increase in ED cocaine-related emergencies;
  • Crack was $2.50/gram versus Powder $100/gram
  • 1/3 homicides related to crack cocaine
  • If one doesn't die from crack cocaine use, one goes to prison


Black community disproportionately imprisoned.

  • 500 g powder cocaine, 5 g of crack cocaine = same sentence
Impact on life expectancy
  • First two weeks of release from prison there is significantly higher risk of dying in the first two weeks following release from a correctional facility
  • Higher rate of infectious disease in prison (HIV, Hep C, Tuberculosis)
  • Pre to post-incarceration ARV use rate goes from 40 to 20%