Hide, unhide files on OS X

Case: You have a file that is both invisible (you have to use ls -a in order to see it), and hidden from the GUI (you cannot see an icon »

Endovascular Intervention for Acute Ischemic Stroke

New Trials MR CLEAN Multi-center RCT in Netherlands, funded by Covidien Diagnosed lesion on MRA, CTA, DSA NIHSS score (11 items) Primary: modified Rankin Score at 90 days - measure »

Pediatric Urologic Emergencies

Non-traumatic Testicular Torsion 4-6 hour window before irreversible ischemic injury Hx: acute onset of scrotal pain, unilateral scrotal swelling and tenderness (bilateral possible), more common in the left testes, nausea/ »

Health Disparities in NYC

Source: Dayle Hodge, MD/PhD Candidate at Einstein Featured Image: Courtesy of the Drug Policy Alliance Childhood Asthma Related to proximity to Cross Bronx Expressway Source: NYC Air Data Survey »

Global Health Data Resources

Source: Emilie Bruzelius Paradigm Open data and open science. Interest Find the data Meet with professors Analyze Data Studies Demographic and Health Survey - DHS USAID sponsor (US Gov't) 85 »